Architecture Film Types

These are the 7 main types of window film each with their own benefits and most can be combined to offer a bespoke solution. Learn more about each film type below or
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Heat Reduction
Bomb Blast
UV Filter 

Heat Reduction Film

The sun can create extreme temperature changes within your property  whilst causing unwanted glare from UV light which makes using a computer or mobile device almost impossible.

Our Heat reduction film offers a reflective surface to ensure room temperatures are controlled and glare from UV rays is reduced to provide you with a safe living and working environment.

Heat reduction film
Protect yourself from the sun with our heat-reduction film


Anti Glare

Glare causes unnecessary eye-strain and disturbs people when using computers or televisions throughout the year. Our advanced Anti Glare film reduces glare and harmful UV rays whilst being almost transparent, allowing enough light to enter your room without fading furniture and carpets.

heat and glare
Crown Building – Wrexham


Privacy film comes in two form factors: 2-way frosted film and 1-way reflective film, both have their benefits whilst adapting to your personal situation. (Also known as obscure film)

2-way frosted film creates privacy from both sides 24/7, so you can relax knowing that your privacy is paramount at any time of the day.  2-way frosted film can also include patterns and bespoke designs such as your company branding whilst allowing ample light through.

As the name suggests 1-way reflective film allows a clear view from one side and a fully reflective surface on the other.  It is designed to offer a clear view of the outside world during daylight hours while those outside are unable to see in. This works by blocking sight from the side with the most light so it may not suit those who often work late at night.

Privacy film frosted
Get the privacy you deserve with our frosted film


Security film is designed to strengthen glass and offer anti-shatter properties whilst being almost invisible and allowing light to pass freely through the glass.

It can deter potential intruders as it will be much harder to penetrate than regular glass and restricts access whilst holding the glass in place even after it’s been broken.

Designed to withstand impact and provide complete safety for your employees and the public. Security film can also added to other films such as Heat and Privacy to multiply the benefits of using our premium window films.

Glass can be the weakest point of your building, reduce the risk of your windows breaking upon impact
Glass can be the weakest point of your building, reduce the risk of your windows breaking upon impact


Safety film is designed to mitigate the risk of glass shattering in weak points, endangering your family, employees or the general public by holding the glass in place and stopping the risk of shattered glass injuring anyone.

There is a legal requirement that glass in certain locations does not shatter following regulation BS EN 12600. Our safety film allows you to effectively and cheaply upgrade any non compliant glass in your home or office without the need to an expensive refit.

Safety film
Safety Film

Bomb Blast

The effects of explosions and bomb blasts are unfortunately an increasing risk and can endanger the life of everyone in the  nearby vicinity. Our bomb blast film absorbs excess energy generated during an explosion whilst holding the glass in place to prevent it from shattering and minimising the risk of glass shards.

Bomb Blast film can also be added to other films such as privacy and Heat Reduction, please contact us directly to discuss the best combination of film for your property.

Get the security you deserve with our Bomb blast film
Welcome Building – Euston Road

UV Filter

Transform Window Film offers various types of UV filter films which are designed to protect your property from unwanted fading from UV radiation.

Ultra Violet light can cause fading on antiques, art, furniture, carpet, wood and many other materials that are sensitive to deterioration. You’ll often notice a slightly lighter colour carpet near large windows facing the sun and even patches on furniture that could be easily avoided with the cost-effective application of UV film.

uv window film
UV Window Film

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