Protect your conservatory

Conservatory Window Film has more benefits than you may think

  • Heat reduction in the summer
  • Heat insulation in the winter
  • Minimises glare & prevents eyestrain
  • Limits furniture fading from UV radiation
  • Professional application and warranty included as standard
  • No maintenance and lasts much longer than alternatives
  • Cost effective and easy installation
  • Creates a safe space for your family and pets to enjoy the summer months

If you live within a 100-mile radius of our HQ Wrexham (LL13 9YE) You are eligible for 20% off any of our window film solutions. Simply call us on 01978 664 049 and get your free quote 31st July 2018 to be guaranteed your discount. Code: WX20TR

Let Transform Window Film give you control of your conservatory again!  

Window film can be easily fitted to any existing glass within your home or office but conservatory’s are often overlooked even though they are exposing your family and pets to excessive temperature changes and high levels of UV.

Our professional grade window film can dramatically reduce the amount of heat and glare in your conservatory, making it much cooler and more comfortable. The reduction in glare makes it easier to read, watch TV, study or just relax in your conservatory for a fraction of the cost of alternatives such as blinds and air conditioning which require much more maintenance and often replacement.

Window film is the ideal solution to block out the unwanted effects of the sun whilst letting in the light and view from your garden. Our film is specifically designed to prevent heat from exceeding safe levels by using a metalised coating to reflect heat, glare and uv radiation.

Ask yourself if you have ever found your conservatory too hot and stuffy to use in the summer months or if glare has prevented you from reading a book or newspaper on your day off?

Call us on 01978 664 049, email or visit our contact us page today for your free quote today and make the most of the summer.


Blinds are a common solution but actually absorb excess heat and emit it inside increasing the room temperature. They are fairly cheap to buy but require cleaning and replacement and do not allow visibility to your garden or outdoor space.

Air Conditioning is popular abroad but few families in the UK can afford the purchase and maintenance of an integrated air-con system. Unfortunately they have no affect on glare or UV damage to furniture but they do give the ability to specify a room temperature to your liking.

One of our recent success stories! 

petride 50 to stop orchides dying
Our Perlite 50 window film reduced the heat gain by 49% to allow Orchids to grow safely without the risk of frying in the recent heatwave

Create a safe and comfortable space for your family and pets by calling 01978 664 049, email visit our contact us page

We are a North Wales based window film installer but work across the UK and Europe. Offering an affordable professional service with special discounts for customers in North WalesChesterManchesterBlackpool and all areas within a few hours drive of our HQ in Wrexham.

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